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1:1 coaching services starting at $200/hour.


The Do-Over Project 1:1 Coaching

$200/hour — Have you been thinking about a reinvention in your business or career, but fear it’s too late, or you’re too old, or it’s just not possible?

I help entrepreneurs and executives beyond tap into their passions and purpose so they can start a new successful business or pursue their dream career.

I will help you get clarity and tap into the things you never thought of before in your life and business, or the things you never thought were possible.

Because self-evolution takes time and dedication, we highly recommend minimum one-month commitment.

The Expert Project

Want to establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field so you can attract your ideal clients and increase your fees with confidence? Do I hear a “Heck yes!”

For the past 20+ years, I have helped brands get their name in top-tier media outlets, which has allowed them to grow their business and increase revenues.

The Expert Project teaches you to be your own publicist and get your expertise out into the world so the people who need you right now can find you.

You will learn how to find the right press contact at any given target publication, how to pitch them, how to write a press release and blog content and how to become the voice of authority that drives your audience to you.

Sound good? If so, click below and lets chat!

PR Strategy & Planning Package

If you want a PR plan, but don’t know here to get started, this is package is perfect for you. It includes the basics to help you launch a highly successful PR campaign:

  • Market Research and Analysis

  • Media Research and Analysis

  • One-Year PR Plan

  • Messaging Development

  • Targeted Media List

  • Once Weekly Consult Calls

  • Media and Crisis Communications Training 

The Start-Up Project Business Consulting

Starting a business isn’t easy, especially if you are flying solo. Even if you have a small team, it can be so overwhelming at times that you feel like you’re not moving forward. You (and your team) are wearing so many hats that you can’t seem to get one thing done!

Let me help!

The Start-Up Project includes two package options to fit your time and budget. Working with you, the CEO and other leaders in the organization, I will help define your goals and objectives – either personal or for the business.

We would also draw a roadmap to help achieve the goals and for accountability.

Sessions are objective and include clear action plans for implementation. They are focused on improving performance and outcomes and can be for your professional and personal goals.


Branding & Sales Package

Just starting out and need to create your brand? Let me help! The Branding and Sales Package will help your launch your brand and let yhe world know you’ve arrived! It includes

  • Logo Design

  • Squarespace or Wix Web Site Design

  • Color and Font Schemes

  • Developing Marketing Collateral and Swag

  • Copy writing

  • Setting Up Social Media Pages

  • Lead Generation Tactics

  • Email and Digital Marketing Consulting - social media advertising, developing sales funnels, newsletters, email nurtures, etc.

Got Copy? Copywriting Services

Want to tell a story that's going to get people to identify with you, follow you, and buy from you?

You have a great story, but do you know how to tell it in a way that blends with your marketing strategy?

You have your area of expertise, but do you know how to write it out and present it in a way that informs and educates your audience?

If you're great at so many things, but copy writing isn't one of them, I can help! I have been writing marketing copy and developing brand messaging for over 20 years. I blog on Medium as well as my own blog. I've written content for clients in various industries such as business, technology, automotive, e-commerce, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, CBD, and philanthropy.

Services include:

  • Message development

  • Blog posts

  • Social media posts and ad copy

  • Sales letters

  • Email Nurtures

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