Hi, I’m Kelly.

I teach coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs how to grow and scale their business with simple and proven PR and marketing strategies.

I enjoy creating success for people.


“You have the power to create your ideal life. It’s not just for someone else. They did it and so can you.” - Kelly Lee Reeves

Do you struggle with the ‘feast or famine’ cycle that comes with the inconsistent or unpredictable income of being a solopreneur, entrepreneur, freelancer, coach, or consultant?

Do you feel like you have to ‘go it alone’ because you’re taking on everything yourself?

Are you feeling stuck because of mindset blocks and limiting beliefs?

If you said ‘yes’ to either of the above, here’s the truth:

You don’t have to struggle! You can scale and grow your business and achieve the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of having - and you don’t have to go it alone!

I want to teach you my proven PR and marketing strategies that have helped my clients grow and scale their business, grow their social media presence by the thousands and increase their revenue by the MILLIONS!

So, are you ready to have a profitable and sustainable business?

Join me and discover how you can remove the mental roadblocks, get unstuck, learn new PR, marketing and sales techniques, and develop a life of happiness, freedom, success, and prosperity.


Let’s work together.

1:1 Coaching

Our philosophy is to never give up in the face of failure, fear or doubt. Our goal is to encourage and empower entrepreneurs to break through any barriers, build a profitable business and create the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

Our certified coaching techniques are designed to help you tap into the things you never thought of before in your life and business, or the things you never thought were possible. Click below to learn more.

The Freedom Project

You are an entrepreneur, consultant, freelancer, or certified coach, but you can’t seem to get your business off the ground or past a certain point. I get it! You need clarity and a way to scale your business and a solid strategy, processes, marketing, branding, PR

Our program can give you actionable items, mindset and clarity you need to grow and scale your business.

The Freedom Academy

The Freedom Academy is an intimate and elite group of like-minded individuals who want to grow their coaching, consulting, or freelance business while encouraging, advising, and uplifting other members.

The PR Project

The PR Project is for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who want to get more clients and increase their revenues using the power of PR!

Who needs an expensive publicist when you can learn my award-winning PR strategies to quit chasing clients, increase sales, grow your social media audience, and increase revenues.


Some kind words about Kelly…

“Kelly understands relationships and clients' overall business needs. Her media + PR acumen is second to none. Period. If you desire a professional who delivers, then hire her.”

— Sam Levin, managing partner at levin bridge

“I had the pleasure of working with Kelly on one of the most important product launches for our company. She brought fresh perspective and ideas to the table and above all, brought in fantastic new media contacts and approaches to media outreach that resulted in top-tier media coverage. Quickly after the results started pouring in, the launch was labeled "best launch in our history" by a top executive within the company.”

—  Steve Johansson, Director of Marketing Communications at iPayables, Inc.

“I have known Kelly for several years. She is one of those rare people that not only loves what they do but is elite in her craft. Kelly is always greater than any problem that can arise in PR. She is an expert at analyzing a company’s needs and then implementing a strategy that fits her clients particular market place. She is a hard and smart worker and truly takes pride in her work. I highly recommend Kelly Reeves!”

— Noah Burford, Vice President of West Coast Development at Oxford Tax Partners

“Kelly is a very dedicated PR professional who is very passionate about her work and her clients' needs. She truly understands the ins-and-outs of PR, which is one of the many things that make her successful. I would recommend KLR Communications to any organization looking for a a PR agency that gets results.”

— John Tomaszewski, Enterprise Sales Executive at Opal Software

Kelly Reeves is a highly experienced PR professional with a keen understanding of the technology market and great relationships with the media. Her hands-on approach and “go-the-extra-mile” attitude is an asset to any organization that works with her.”

— Wayne Silverman, Vice President of Strategic Business Development – Digital Marketing at Dunn & Bradstreet

“Kelly Reeves is very professional and is great at what she does. She knows the media; has great relationships and knows how to effectively communicate her clients' various messages to their target audiences.”

— Robert Danese, Vice President of Strategic Business Development at Chargifi

“Kelly and I have worked closely on many joint public relations and co-marketing efforts for our two companies for several years now. She's one of the most responsive and conscientious PR pros I've ever met. Extraordinarily professional and well connected with important media contacts, she applies a strategic perspective to everything she does, never losing sight of the big picture.”

— William Smith, Vice President of Marketing at TiVO

“Kelly is a highly effective, personable and knowledgeable communications strategist. I have followed her business with great interest and found her to be highly strategic, trustworthy and an asset to any marketing team. I recommend Kelly wholeheartedly and without reservation.”

— Zachary Soreff, President of Sawyer Studios

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A little bit about me…

Hi friends! I’m Kelly Lee, certified Life Purpose Coach and Entrepreneurship and Business Coach.


With over 20 years of experience in PR and marketing, having worked with everyone from celebrities and global organizations to start-ups and entrepreneurs; successfully founding and running multiple businesses, and serving in executive positions, Kelly understands that life is fill of trial and error, wins and losses, success and failure. Her mission is to equip entrepreneurs with the tools they need to get through the tough times while staying focused on success - knowing that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Through the power of PR, social media and digital marketing, along with a dose of spirituality and soul searching, Kelly’s goal is to help entrepreneurs discover their purpose, build a profitable business, and achieve their dream lifestyle.

After literally “going through hell”, Kelly has overcome incredible obstacles and is dedicated to using her experience and story to help others. She lives her dream lifestyle in Newport Beach, California with four wild and crazy dogs: Stella, Sugar, Hershey, and Kramer (plus a couple foster dogs) as well as her passion and purpose of helping others overcome the same obstacles she faced and with her non-profit animal rescue Paw Prints in the Sand.